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Gym01, Kickboxing, MMA and Sub Grappling Interclub


GYM 01 Fitness & Martial Arts
Unit 16 Partnership Park PO4 8DF Portsmouth England
Join us for our ever popular interclubs.

With non decision bouts ideal for first timers, to seasoned competitors all in the name of experience.

We created the level system that most good gyms use now so if you enter, your coach/instructor needs to let us know your level by the scale below. This way we will match everyone as fairly as possible.

1 - 3 to 6 months training. No Interclubs/Touch Sparring
2 - 6 to 12 months training. No interclubs/Light Sparring
3 - Over 1 year training some interclubs, no show fights/Sparring
4 - Ready for a show, numerous interclubs/Heavy Sparring
5 - Has fought on a show/Very Heavy Sparring

Entry costs are £12 per competitor and £5 per spectator with under 5's and coaches going free.

For all non Gym 01 entries, please e-mail brian@gym01.com for all MMA and Sub Grappling, for all stand up styles please e-mail gareth@gym01.com

All Gym 01 entries, please speak to your coach.

Registration and weigh in 9am.
First fight 10am.